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PTI Machine specializes in manufacturing some of the highest quality ballistics testing supplies available on the market.  We stock a full line of fragment simulating projectiles (FSP's) and right circular cylinders (RCC's).  Standard FSP sizes include 22 caliber (17 grain), 30 caliber (44 grain), 50 caliber (207 grain), and 20mm (830 grain).  Our standard fragment simulators are made to the latest edition of MIL-DTL-46593B (Amendment 1 August 11, 2008).  Other common FSP standards used include STANAG 2920.  Standard RCC sizes are 2 grain, 4 grain, 16 grain, and 64 grain.  Drawings and specifications are available upon request.  We strive to hold the tightest tolerances possible on all dimensions, mass, hardness and finishes.  

                                Standard size RCC's                                         Standard size FSP's

                                                                                                 (also available without skirt)

All standard projectiles come with heat treat certification.  Certificate of compliance (statement from us verifying machine work) and material composition cert available upon request at no additional charge.  For a small fee we can provide you with additional hardness testing services, reports, graphs, and other information on your parts.  Parts will be numbered to correspond with your test results.

Other stock items include:

15 caliber T37 shaped (5.85 grain) projectiles for testing protective eye wear.

Saboted launch FSP's

2 piece polycabonate sabot sets

2 petal serrated sabots

Aluminum pusher plates

Replacement parts for universal receivers, such as face plates and firing pins.


20mm screw on breech caps (Slap breech) and replacement parts.

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Along with our regular stock items, we have made countless designs of custom projectiles and other supplies for our customers.  If a drawing or sample part is provided, we are confident we can make it to meet or exceed your expectations.  Pictured below are just a few of the custom and less common projectiles we have made in the past.  Click the picture to view more examples of custom projectiles.  Whether it's big or small, no matter what type of material, just a few pieces, or many thousands, we are up to the task.  Let our expertise make your R&D/testing possible.

Come to us for all of your machining needs.  Production is not limited to ballistics test supplies.  Possibilities are nearly endless.  Click here for more info on our custom machining.
Please call or e-mail for current pricing and availability
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